Director of Programs and Strategy

Kids4Peace Boston

Bridging society's divides through interfaith youth action and advocacy.

Job Description

Role: Director of Programs & Strategy
Reports to: Executive Director
Supervisor to: Program Facilitators 
Specific responsibilities of this position are as follows:

 ● Program Management: In coordination with Director of Education & Outreach, develop organizational program goals and activities/curriculum to achieve those goals and specify how summer and year-round programs are to be designed, integrated, and coordinated to advance organizational mission. Supervise and support Social Action Program Facilitators and volunteers to coordinate efforts of all program components including program design and framework, leadership and curriculum development, outreach/recruitment, staffing, and volunteer development. Identify and develop opportunities to expand the depth and breadth of existing programs, as well as explore and develop new program ideas

Program planning and development. Develop, plan, manage, and be responsible for the organization and delivery of programs. Create experiential and fun learning environments which engage youth and enable participants to develop and use their interfaith bridge-building and social justice skills. Develop and deliver personally, through program staff, and with program partners, summer and year-round programs, ensuring that they meet a high standard of program quality, achieve program goals, and engage participants.

●  Impact Measurement & Strategy: Evaluate programming relative to goals and look for ways to measure impact and outcomes and continuously improve program effectiveness across all K4PB programs. Strengthen evaluation tools, train staff members in using and understanding them, and coordinate evaluation throughout the year. Make recommendations to Board of Directors, Executive Director, and Director of Education & Outreach about areas for growth and improvement based on evaluation outcomes, and work with these key stakeholders to implement program changes based on evaluation results.

Community and organizational partnerships. Be a spokesperson for the organization’s programming with families, religious organizations, community partners and youth; work with the Executive Director and Director of Education & Outreach to develop messaging for youth programs; Seek out new mission-aligned partnerships to further our impact. Work with community partners to recruit youth and implement programming.

Serving as a staff liaison to the Board. Provide Board of Directors with updates regarding Programming to ensure that Board is apprised of program offerings and impact. Support the Board fundraising committee to help with individual donor work. Attend Board meetings and retreats. Recruit and support youth members to join the Board.

Additional Duties:  As a staff person in a small and dynamic organization, the position may have additional organizational development tasks at points throughout the year, including working with the Executive Director to develop new sources of youth program funding, and assisting with grant-writing and reporting process.


Minimum of 4 years of experience in program management with significant experience in youth leadership development and knowledge of interfaith dialogue facilitation and social justice work.

●  Organization/Leadership – Ability to manage multiple tasks daily including supporting staff with fast-paced programming through the variety of issues that emerge. Comfort in a leadership role and supporting others’ leadership development is key to this position.

Communication - Exceptional verbal and written communication skills are key to this position, as is a high level of technological proficiency (social media, G Suite, etc.).

Program Management and Evaluation– This position requires extensive experience in curriculum development, as well as in program planning and management. This position will oversee planning, implementation and evaluation throughout the year, including the ongoing measurement of impact and outcomes. 

Knowledge of youth development work – Experience working with young people from across race, religion, gender, dis/ability, and class backgrounds (including supporting youth serving in leadership and staff positions) and knowledge of youth development models, adolescent development and current issues of relevance to young people. Effectiveness in establishing a sense of respected authority which commands the attention of youth and facilitates their ongoing participation while maintaining a fun and engaging environment

Experience in and commitment to social justice and peace-building work - Including a commitment to growing around inter-religious topics.

Supervision and staff support – Ability to manage, train, and direct others effectively (program staff, camp staff, and volunteers)

Program delivery and implementation – Experience in  dialogue and program facilitation, with particular focus on inclusive and youth-led social justice environments. This position will facilitate staff meetings, run workshops, & large community meetings. Prior experience developing, delivering, and managing successful and creative programming for adolescents age 12 to 17 from diverse backgrounds. Success in delivering experiential learning opportunities in traditional and/or camp environments

Personal Characteristics –Characteristics important in this job: demonstrated commitment to social justice; humor, confidence, collaborative and leadership skills; an appreciation of a diverse community culture where respect and appreciation of difference defines relationships; flexibility; openness to learning and change; and appreciation of working with young people, peers, parents, and other community members; Ability to work independently while maintaining a high-level of organization and managing multiple projects effectively; Outstanding creative thinking and problem-solving skills.