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Federation of State Physician Health Programs, Inc. (Insource Services)

Job Description

About The Federation of State Physician Health Programs, Inc. (FSPHP)

FSPHP is a national membership association of Physician and Health Professional Programs (PHPs). FSPHP is a 501c3 nonprofit established in 1991, that evolved from initiatives taken by the American Medical Association (AMA), the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB), State Medical Societies/Associations, and individual state physician health programs. Our member programs provide confidential assessment, referral to treatment, resources, and monitoring for physicians/healthcare professionals, and those in training who may be at risk of impairment from mental illness, substance use disorders, and other health conditions. When indicated, ongoing health monitoring by a PHP provides trusted accountability that supports successful continuation or return to practice. Most importantly, state member programs provide a confidential, therapeutic alternative to discipline and have the support of organized medicine in their state or province often through legislation, exceptions to mandated reporting, or other safe haven provisions. In addition to working with participants, PHPs provide education, outreach, and advocacy to their medical communities in support of physician health and well-being.

Mission: To support physician health programs in improving the health of medical professionals, thereby contributing to quality patient care.


Credentialing/Accreditation Specialist Position to serve as a consultant for the FSPHP Performance Enhancement and Effectiveness Review ™ (PEER™) Program and FSPHP Evaluation and Treatment Accreditation™ (FSPHP-ETA™) Specialist. A

successful candidate in this role will play a crucial part in supporting the operations of the FSPHP PEER™ and ETA™ programs using the established governance process involving the leadership and oversite of an Accreditation Review Council (ARC), and two (2) technical committees FSPHP-PEER™ Committee and FSPHP-ETA™ Committee while ensuring that the PHP applicants and ETA™ applicants are provided the review and accreditation services efficiently and accurately while leveraging IT solutions to optimize the process.

Description FSPHP PEER™ and FSPHP-ETA™:

FSPHP Evaluation and Treatment Accreditation™ program is to recognize evaluation and treatment services that are qualified to specialize in the care of medical students, residents, career physicians, and other workers in safety-sensitive occupational roles, through a valid, reliable, and rational assessment process that demonstrates compliance with objective standards. The FSPHP-ETA™ program will encourage consistency of quality and quality improvement among providers who work with this safety-sensitive population.

FSPHP Performance Enhancement and Effectiveness Review ™ ProgramThe FSPHP PEER™ program is a structured review process designed to empower Physician Health Programs (PHPs) and other safety-sensitive professional health programs to use the 2019 FSPHP Physician Health Program Guidelines as a practical tool for identifying opportunities to optimize performance and effectiveness in alignment with best practices among PHPs.

Implement and Manage Process:

Responsible for following FSPHP PEER™ and ETA™ policies and procedures and established workflow for implementing both programs

Support the IT solutions for applications, and for documenting assessments.
Maintain, and update applicant databases, records, and documentation using IT system.
Utilizing experience from streamlined, efficient processes, and minimizing manual tasks through automation and IT solutions.
Collect, organize, and maintain all required applicant and subject matter expert documentation for review and accreditation purposes
Verify the accuracy and completeness of applicant information and documentation
Maintain accurate and up-to-date provider files and databases
Communicate with applicants to obtain missing or additional information as needed
Assist with resolving accreditation issues or inquiries from applicants or internal stakeholders
Stay current with FSPHP PHP Guidelines, and other industry regulations, standards, and guidelines to ensure compliance and update processes accordingly.
Responsible for all administrative work related to the position.
Applicant Subject Matter Expert Support:

Assist applicants and subject matter experts with the process, answering inquiries and guiding them through the requirements.
Schedule and develop training materials and virtual sessions for subject matter experts.
Reporting and Analytics:

Generate reports on the status of applicants, and results, and identify areas for improvement during the pilots; and also for PHPs and ETA applicants.
Utilize IT skills to analyze data and identify trends, assisting in optimizing the process and system.
Quality Assurance:

Perform periodic audits of the database to ensure data accuracy and tracking of all applicants and their results.
Develop and implement quality control measures to maintain high standards for the process.

Experience in accreditation, certification, or credentialing in a healthcare setting, understanding of workflow, application coordination, and expertise with accreditation information management.
Understanding of Physician Health Programs, the FSPHP PHP Guidelines, and the Treatment Center Industry for substance use disorders and mental health treatment.
Knowledge of FSPHP PHP Guidelines, FSPHP PEER™ and FSPHP ETA™ standards, and compliance requirements.
Exceptional communication skills, customer service, and experience in the field.
Organized, detail-oriented individual with 10+ years of experience within accreditation, and certification or credentialing processes in healthcare.
Bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration, or a related field (or equivalent work experience).
Proficiency in IT systems (Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access), software, and databases, including experience with credentialing software.
Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to use IT tools to streamline processes.
Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
Certifications in healthcare credentialing (e.g., Certified Provider Credentialing Specialist) and IT certifications are a plus.
Project Tasks:

FSPHP-ETA™ and PEER™ Specialist Role: (Launch to occur in June 2024 / July 2024)

Support the FSPHP-ETA™ and PEER™ Implementation Steps, Policy and Procedures, Standards (align all documents during implementation for consistency) for sharing with PEER™, ETA™ and ARC committees.
Schedule, and take minutes for all PEER™, ETA™ and ARC meetings, prepare project reports for all FSPHP Board meetings.
Update content for PEER™ and FSPHP-ETA™ website pages, including SME Assessor Training Pages working with FSPHP Memberclicks specialist.
Monitor the Application Portals: create, test, and collect feedback on Application Portals for PEER™ and ETA™ as needed.
Track each SME/Staff Assessment Form with ARC, PEERC, and ETAC Chairs.
Track SME Assessor Applicants & Agreements.
Schedule and prepare content for onboarding SME Training Sessions.
Prepare text for email marketing & communication regarding FSPHP-ETA and PEER Pilot
Using established workflow, track and assign SME Assessors to Pilot Applications, stay in regular communication with applicants.
Track all feedback gathered (using google forms or memberclicks forms) during the pilot phase for the PEER & ETA program outline, Criteria and Metrics document, policy and procedures, and SME Assessor Training material.
Determine whether Pilot Applicants' on-site assessments will be at applicants' physical locations.
Schedule remote and on-site assessments.
Conduct desk assessments for applicants.
Support the on-site & remote assessment process for applicants.
Implement improvements to programs based on pilot feedback.
During and upon completion of the pilot phase finalize PEER™ and ETA™ policy and procedures, criteria and metrics, and training materials.
Post Pilot July 2024:

Support marketing content for the website and emails for FSPHP-ETA and PEER
Re-publish (and Maintain versions of) PEER™ and ETA™ policy and procedures, criteria and metrics on the FSPHP website
Track any new applications for PEER and FSPHP-ETA SME Assessors
Job Type: Temp-to-hire

Pay: $25.00 - $30.00 per hour

Expected hours: No less than 5 per week

Work Location: Remote