Contracts and Compliance Manager

RCAP Solutions

Job Description

Contracts and Compliance Manager

The Contracts and Compliance Manager will direct all federal, state, local and cooperative grants, contracts, outcomes and compliance activities throughout the organization for all entities to ensure positive outcomes/deliverables are on a timely basis. They will act as a lead on all start-ups and interim reporting, assist with research and strategic planning, public policy, and network integration primarily with the national RCAP and RHN Networks. They will ensure proper dashboard reporting to the Executive Team, Board of Directors and Program staff on a regular and consistent basis.


  • Oversee program and corporate preparation and submission of all grants and/or contracts at start up; Distribute and maintain records of routing sheets for all grants, contracts, and agreements.
  • Keep an updated control log with new contracts; remove expired contracts/ reports. Prepare individual spreadsheets from master spreadsheet for each staff member who has reports due in the upcoming month. Promptly notify staff members of their monthly reporting responsibilities.
  • Ensure timely submission of all reporting requirements. Responsible for collecting all grants, reports and audits from various departments and maintain corporate system for routing and management of formal documentation.
  • Lead delegation & compliance requirements for all subcontracts and sub-divisional program expectations and build accountability matrix with appropriate measurements.
  • Manage System for Award Management, government website which needs to be updated periodically for RCAP Solutions, Financial Services and 9 properties. This ensures active subsidy moneys are sent.
  • Regular updates on program audits vs. corporate compliance efforts, reports to funders & corrective action activities to Director of Development and CFO.
  • Identify and assist where deficiencies are located and in cooperation with the compliance team create a structured “Care Plan” to remedy and meet contract expectations;
  • Assist the budget manager and program managers respectively to finalize all outcomes against proposed efforts, budgets, cash management/billings and staffing/other resources;
  • Host all set up meetings directly and create timely progress charts for expectations of all departments where needed.
  • Ensure that RCAP as a whole is in compliance with all contract terms and deliverables and present regularly to Executive Team any areas of concerns in a pro-active vs. Re-active mode.
  • Ongoing partnership with Fiscal & Program Departments respectively to ensure all contract terms and deliverables are met and secondary compliance issues are addressed.
  • Coordination of vital data output for all networks, grants, contracts and compliance efforts in concert with others.
  • Obtain Certificates of Good Standing for RCAP Solutions and financial services; File annual reports to the states that we work in. MA, ME, NJ, NH, VT, CT, RI, NY, PA, PR and US VI. Also, to include MA Annual Reports are filed for Financial Services of all properties.


  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience required; 3 – 5 years legal, business or contract administration, Master’s Degree preferred; this is an interdisciplinary role that requires a combination of business acumen, financial, technology and inter-personal talents.
  • Verbal and written communications possess the ability to compose and edit business documents; contract interpretation, write and articulate verbally in a clear, concise and effective manner; strong editorial capacity for spelling and grammar, and effectively communicate thoughts, and ideas in a written format.
  • Development (or other) relevant research skills required; excellent computer, networking, and organizational skills; ability to manage multiple tasks; creative, results-oriented personality; team player; detail oriented.
  • Comprehensive reporting/proposal development skills including work plans, schedules and budgets; ability to manage multiple proposal development projects simultaneously, including constructing and monitoring detailed schedules.
  • Experience in setting priorities and meeting deadlines while balancing the needs of providing support for multiple individuals, of directors, committees, task forces, and special projects.
  • Represents the organization to the national development efforts and others as needed.
  • Entrepreneurial capacity to think “out of the box” and assist the President & CEO in new ventures.


  • Competitive compensation
  • Medical, Dental, Vision, LTD, and Life Insurance
  • Flexible Spending Account and Health Savings Account
  • Competitive Vacation and Sick time
  • 14-paid holidays
  • 403(b) plan RCAP Contribution and Match